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“Equipment is Everything”

– Grant “Twiggy” Baker, Isurus ambassador, two time Mavericks Invitational Winner, and Big Wave World Champion.

Mako sharks, genus ISURUS, possess extraordinary athleticism. Like a surfer, their hydrodynamic bodies are renowned for their speed and ability to leap out of the water in amazing displays of agility. It is the agility and athleticism of this incredible creature that inspired Isurus lineup of wetsuits. Isurus wetsuits are designed for the performance surfer. Made entirely from 100% Yamamoto neoprene, Isurus is the most anatomically designed, performance oriented wetsuit to hit the surf scene in years. Isurus is about setting a new standard in high performance wetsuits. We design innovative surf gear that intuitively fine tune the connection between rider and equipment.

Supercharged Compression – Just another gimmick? We don’t think so!

Isurus Wetsuits were specifically designed around “Supercharged Compression”. Compression garments are known to improve performance and recovery. Professional and Olympic athletes in all sports use them because it improves performance and shortens recovery. It is long overdue for surfing, and Isurus is leading the charge.

Arms-Up Design
Isurus took a new approach to pattern-making for surf wetsuits. Wetsuit patterning, like all clothing (for the past 50 years) have been made with the arms hanging at your side, okay for street clothes, but for surfing wetsuits, it is restrictive. Isurus designed the wetsuit with the arms raised overhead. Putting your arms in the optimal power position for paddling.
An additional low back/kidney panel, or “CORE” temperature regulator is extremely important, as the kidneys are the body’s main blood filtration organs where all blood passes, constantly circulating and warming from the core – to the furthest extremities. This, combined with the improved circulation from Isurus Advanced