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Taking Wetsuit Pattern Making Out of the 1950’s

From the time Jack O’Neill invented the surf wetsuit, wetsuit pattern making been done using a vertical arms hanging down at your side position. For centuries this how clothing has been made and wetsuits just followed tradition. This approach to pattern design makes perfect sense for casual wear, even running. But not for surf wetsuits.

What is the Problem With the Vertical, Arms Down Position for Wetsuit Pattern Design

Surfing involves extensive overhead arm movement (paddling). Think about what happens when you raise your arms overhead while wearing a thick jacket and try to move your arms in a paddling motion. The problem is that no matter what type of wetsuit materials or construction method was used the “catch phase” of surfer’s stroke was significantly restricted.

The Benefit of Designing Surf Wetsuits  with the Arms Raised Overhead in Paddling Position

Isurus reversed the wetsuit pattern making by starting with the arms raised overhead. Early testing of the prototype wetsuits confirmed that this approach for designing surfing wetsuits reduced wetsuit restriction and put the arms in an optimal position for maximum paddling power.

What this Means to the Surfer

The result is more paddling power with less effort because your muscles are not fighting a restrictive wetsuit. This enables you, the surfer, to have increased forward reach, improved power with less shoulder strain.

No wetsuit has freed surfers from the restriction of a full wetsuit like the Isurus Alpha Series of Surfing Wetsuits.