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Elite 222 Short Arm Fullsuit Mens (SAF)

(15 customer reviews)

$ 399.95 AUD 299.95 AUD

Short Arm Full cut for sunny days, mild water temperatures and crisp weather. Performance fit and comfort for day long endurance.

This is a stealth suit designed to be one of the best assets in your cool water quiver.

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  • Wetsuit Temperature Range: 59°F (15°C) to 70F (21°C)
  • Compression Wetsuit
  • 100% Japanese Neoprene from Yamamoto
  • Ultra Light – (Doesn’t Absorb H2O)
  • Quick Drying – 98% Hydrophobic
  • SCS Heat retaining cells


XS SIZE ALSO AVAILABLE. Please contact us to discuss.

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15 reviews for Elite 222 Short Arm Fullsuit Mens (SAF)

  1. Tony Lloyd

    Great suit. I already had a 222 fullsuit and it is the best suit I’ve ever worn, so I ordered one of these SAF within weeks for the warmer days. Great insulation without the extra heat possibly because the seams are not taped like the full suit. I really cannot believe how invisible they feel. In Australia you will get great service from Greg at Pacificus Distribution. I’ve got the new vest on pre-order, can’t wait!

  2. Sean (verified owner)

    Best Wetsuits out there! Super light, comfortable and quick to dry. I won’t buy any other brand since trying them out. Nothing else compares. Thanks Isurus!

  3. Steven Duke (verified owner)

    I bought the 222 SAF after having owned a an 434 hooded Evade and being very happy with it. The 222 SAF suit is light, flexible and warm but is not as well built as my Evade. I received it directly from Isurus with the seam on the arm coming loose. This week the seam behind the left knee separated. Hopefully Isurus will tighten up on the quality control as these are great suits.

  4. Rick DeJianne

    This is my favorite wetsuit I have ever owned in 20 years of surfing. I actually prefer surfing in this suit over board shorts. It feels like a second skin. I like the long legs over a typical shorty. I find it to be more comfortable while sitting on the board. I don’t get any rash from the suit. The Isurus neoprene is the most stretchy and flexible of anything I’ve tried. I’ve had my 222 SAF since 2012. That’s 4 years. The suit is still in great shape, no issue, and the neoprene still feels like new. It hasn’t stiffened up at all like other suits. Best wetsuit purchase I’ve ever made.

  5. Mark S. Bernardi

    I live on the Eastside of Santa Cruz and have a 232 full suit and a SAF spring suit. I have had both for over a year now. They are the only suits I wear anymore. They are ridiculously comfortable and have held up better than any other suit I have ever owned…and I have owned a lot of suits over the past 55 years! Both suits were great first time I put them on, but they do get even better with use. I have two other full suits that I used to use when the Isurus was wet in the am from the previous day’s use, but now I just deal with the slight shiver and go with the 232. Next purchase will be a jacket and probably a cold water suit. Great products!

  6. millerpa06

    A surf buddy kept talking how great Isurus suits were, so I got me a SAF. Hands down the most comfortable and warm suit, for its thickness, I’ve ever owned. Was a bit snug the first few sessions, but now after 5 times it fits perfectly just as advertised. Worth every penny. Plan to get a springy and a full from Isurus. Thanks guys!

  7. Jarrod Simpson

    These wetsuits are EPIC! I have the the long arm top, spring and also the short arm full steamer are without a doubt, they are all the most comfortable wetties I have ever worn… Complete flexibility and no sense of restriction at all, and the warmth they retain almost make them too warm 🙂 … Further to this, the neoprene quality and construction is of the highest … Even though I bought a new full suit last year from a well known brand, I will be selling that so I can get the Isurus full suit (steamer)… Highly highly recommend…

  8. Gerry

    Insanely comfortable suit – can wear it all day rash-free. Provides plenty of warmth for those cool early morning sessions in NY’s warmer months. I’m 5’10” and 210lb and the XLS fits perfectly. I can attest to the compression tech. helping you prolong your sessions when the waves are pumping. Best wetsuit I’ve ever owned.

  9. Leif

    Super warm and the short arm is extremely flexible. No rash whatsoever…I give this an A

  10. Todd Taylor

    The SAF is hands down the most comfortable and flexible S/S I’ve ever owned in my 36 years of cold water surfing and two ear surgeries to show for it. I was skeptical at first with all the new technology claims but after surfing in my Isurus SAF 5 days straight in chilly Baja waters and paddling against the notoriously strong currants @ Scorpian bay I’m 100% convinced the team at Isurus is making changes that actually make a difference in my surfing. I will be purchasing a hooded suit next for my upcoming excursions in OR. and Nor Cal.
    Isurus is truly a better wet suit choice!

  11. Chris Dunham

    The SAF is incredibly light, flexible and surprisingly warm. It’s the best fitting S/S Fullsuit I’ve ever owned and is perfect for So. Cal. Spring – Fall.

  12. Keith Stokes

    Howzt? I purchased a few suits – SAF and 232’s for the lifeguards and they love’em! These guys are hardcore water enthusiasts and push the limits. Can’t beat the flerxibility and warmth. Mahalo Isurus!!

  13. Robert B

    Greetings from East Coast Florida. The 222 suit is super! It’s warm, light, flexible and zero leakage. Custom fit for me with a Small Tall. I’ve been surfing since 1974 and have had my share of wetsuits and nothing has come close to ISURUS. Northern Florida water gets cold and this suit is perfect. I would rather wear this than a spring suit and be comfortable during the entire session. When the water drops into the 50s I use the 2/3/2 which I also purchased. Quit being cold and purchase your suit and get the most out of your surfing! Get several sessions a day with the compression technology.

  14. George B

    The 222 SAF is my go to for summers and nice days during the fall/winter/spring here in San Diego. It is incredibly warm for a short arm full. I have tried others like Patagonia, Matuse, and Oneill. The Isurus suit blows them out of the water….

    Just based on the weight alone this suit is incredible- it literally almost weighs as much wet as it is dry. The neoprene is incredibly high quality and IMO super strong and durable. Less weight= less drag/resistance = more speed.

    The 222 SAF is a must have IMO for anyone that dwells anywhere where the ocean gets above 60.


  15. Curt Fasselhoff

    Best suit I’ve owned to date, going as far back as the old high tech leg zip Aleeda. Just wore it down in Baja for the first time. Water was hovering 58-59 and couldn’t believe the flexibility, light weight , and warmth. My two buddies went in because they got too cold and I stayed out. One of my kook buddies was wearing a 4/3 and rinses his suit in his chlorine pool so that’s not saying much, but my other buddy was wearing a new Billabong 3/2. My arms were chilled on the paddle out, but that was it. I was perfectly warm after that. I wore a brand new XCEL Revolt the day before and there was no comparison. Super tight fitting when I tried it on, and better when I surfed in it for the first time. Perfect the third time I wore it. I can’t say anything for the durability because it’s so new, but the construction looks solid.

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