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Founder and Designer of Isurus Wetsuits – Video Transcription

Isurus wetsuits was started in Northern California, basically got started out in the lineup. The Northern California surf is cold and heavy. There’s a lot of raw elements. That’s kind of a good proving grounds for testing gear particularly wetsuits.

Compression design is an awesome concept that was discovered by researching outside the surfing industry. It’s been widely adopted by triathletes, Olympic swimmers, as well as basketball, baseball, football. It’s become widely recognized and adopted as a performance enhancing technology.

And we’re able to achieve that through our wetsuits with cutting the panels in a way such that it matches the anatomical movements of the human body. When a surfer gets into an Isurus wetsuit and the wetsuit adapts to the individual’s body, they’re able to move freely without interruption from the seams.

We needed to find a material that was superior, so we discovered a closed-cell neoprene that does not absorb the water. And, the other benefit to having closed-cell neoprene is, the warm air or the warmth that your body generates while surfing.

It stores it inside the closed-cell, proving to be a superior insulator for the body. So, in order to build the world’s best wetsuit, we wanted to find the world’s best material, and we were able to do that with our closed-cell Yamamoto neoprene.